Students are admitted to Ferrahian School upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) – 2.0 and better
  • Citizenship Grade – B and better
  • Satisfactory scores in a standardized test
  • Satisfactory scores in school placement tests
  • Receipt of all requested forms
  • Classroom space availability
  • All new applicants must forward the following two forms to the school they are currently attending and request that they forward student’s personal records to the Administrative Office:

      • Recommendation Form – to be completed by an administrator and a teacher
      • Authorization to Obtain Student Records
    • Transcripts of records of last two years
    • Attendance records (if not on transcript)
    • Results of two most recent standardized test scores
    • California School Immunization Record. According to California State Law, Section 49086 of the Education Code, the original (blue card) must be submitted
    • Other pertinent developmental information regarding the student
Schedule an interview with the Principal and the Academic Advisor. Apply here.
Must provide most recent report card at the time of visit.

After the interview student must have the following:

  • the Registration Application Package:
    • the Financial Responsibility Agreement and
    • the Emergency/Medical Data Sheet
    • submit the registration fee
Provide the Principal's and Teacher's email addresses to the admission office.
Principal's and teacher's recommendation forms are part of the application process.

Please Note:

There are two methods to use these downloadable PDF files:

1) There is the option to fill it out, print it at home, and mail it to FHS office, or

2) Download, fill out, and select the “Email” option at the bottom of the document. The system will require you to login into your email account and email it directly to FHS office manager

3) The direct submission of online forms