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Students are expected to be in clean and neat school uniform during school days or at school-organized activities, including field trips and official competitions as necessary.  Exceptions may occur on scheduled non-uniform days, where proper attire will be required.

School uniforms and PE outfits are available for purchase from the school vendor (please refer to Miscellaneous Expenses section.)
The following are the uniform components and must be strictly enforced:


  • White/navy, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved polo shirt with the school logo.
  • Plain white T-shirts, tank tops, or long-sleeve shirts can be worn under the official white polo shirts.


  • Gray/navy sweaters with the school logo.
  • All school sponsored sweaters with school logo can be worn on Fridays only.
  • Only official polo shirt can be worn underneath the school-sponsored sweatshirts.


  • Gray/navy hooded, zippered sweat-jackets with school logo.
  • All school sponsored sweat-jackets with school logo can be worn on Fridays only.
  • Only official polo shirt can be worn underneath the school-sponsored sweat-jackets.


  • Navy blue blazers with school logo must be worn by students 9-12 on Formal Days. 


  • Khaki shorts for boys K-8.
  • Khaki pants for boys and girls (corduroy pants allowed).  Length not to exceed two inches below the ankle and worn at or above the hip area.

Skirts for Girls:

  • Jumpers for grades K-5.
  • Khaki pleated skirts grades 6-12.
  • The length of the skirt/jumper not to exceed 1 inch below the knee or 4” above the knee.
  • Navy or black bike shorts or navy blue ankle-long leggings may be worn under skirt/jumper.

Socks and Stocking:

  • White, black, or navy blue ankle-length socks
  • Peds are permitted
  • White, navy blue, or neutral-colored knee-high stockings
  • Lace not allowed for all socks and stockings
  • Patterns, except for subtle designs, are not allowed

Shoes, Sneakers, Boots:

  • Shoes and sneakers in any color with conservative markings, and height below the shin.
  • Boots, including “Ugg-type” are allowed, provided that pants are not tucked in.
  • Shoe/boot heel and sole not to exceed 1 inch in height.
  • Open-toe shoes, sandals, clogs, slippers, not allowed.  No rollers or lights.

Team Uniforms:

  • Shirts may be in different colors, however “Holy Martyrs Ferrahian School” lettering must appear on all shirts.
  • Shirts must have ARMENS insignia at the center representing the official name of the school’s sports teams.
  • Royal blue shorts with the school logo on the left side.

PE Outfits:

  • Yellow T-shirts with the school logo and ARMENS insignia
  • Navy blue shorts with the school logo
  • Gray sweat pants with the school logo for grades K-5
  • Students must be in PE uniforms during PE classes

Parents are advised to make sure that their children are dressed in accordance with the school Uniform Code.  Homeroom teachers will not allow students in classrooms if their attire does not meet the school regulations.  Throughout a day, all teachers and supervisors will refer violators to the Administrative Offices and the student will be penalized as follows:


Uniform Code Violation

1st Violation


2nd Violation