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School Purpose

Being under the auspices of Holy Martyrs Armenian Church, the school shares the religious and the national values cherished by the Armenian Apostolic Church of America.  Thereby the school has incorporated the main ideals of the Mission Statement of the Board of Regents (Appendix 7) into the school purpose, from which the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) emanate. In effect, the Mission Statement aspires to provide bilingual education to the students and promotes the Armenian cultural and national values within the framework of good U.S. and global citizenship.



Based on the mission statement of the Armenian Prelacy Schools, HMCEFHS aims to:

  • Implement an educational program that promotes the pursuit of higher education.
  • Preserve, enrich, and promote the wealth of the Armenian culture and history.
  • Strive for the development and mastery of the Armenian and English languages.
  • Develop appreciation and knowledge of both Armenian and American cultures.
  • Educate a civilized and a self-confident generation that interacts with other cultures to enlighten and enrich their own.
  • Educate a generation that cherishes its nation and community and is willing to struggle for its societal rights.

Based on the Mission Statement of the Prelacy Armenian Schools, Holy Martyrs Cabayan Elementary and Ferrahian High School have adopted the following purpose to best provide for successful school learning for all its students.



Holy Martyrs Cabayan Elementary and Ferrahian High School aims to provide for a comprehensive curriculum based on the California State Standards, the Honors/AP program, and a well-established Armenian language and Armenian studies program. The school also aspires to teach all students to be ready for future academic demands and to prepare for life’s challenges. Furthermore, the school educates its students to become contributing members of the Armenian American community, to be active participants in the overall American society, and become individuals capable of competing in the global society.