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Nutrition Policy

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has declared that obesity is the faster growing health threat in the United States, with obesity nearing tobacco as the number one health threat, and according to the 2002 Los Angeles County Health Survey, 55% of Los Angeles County’s adult population are overweight or obese.

Today’s children and youth have poor dietary habits and lack sufficient physical activity resulting in high percentages of overweight children, in the past 30 years the percentages has tripled in the United States.

The California Department of Education reported in 2002 that approximately 40% of 5th, 7th and 9th graders in Los Angeles County are overweight or at risk of becoming overweight and face an increased risk of chronic diseases such as asthma, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, as well as social stigma and depression;

Research has found a clear connection between good nutrition and student achievement, and schools that have implemented healthy food programs report fewer behavioral problems;

The Board of Regents of Prelacy Armenian Schools has established a policy on nutrition/obesity prevention and a policy on beverages, which is put into effect starting February 2004 on all Prelacy Armenian School campuses.

The only food and beverages authorized to serve or for sale at the all Prelacy Schools before, during, and until ONE HALF HOUR after the end of the school day to the students must meet the nutrient and beverage standards outlined in the following policies.

Students are not allowed to bring to school any food or beverage that violates the newly adopted nutrition policies. This includes food/beverage packed at home or purchased from nearby fast food stores and brought to school for consumption.

Foods packed at home or purchased from fast food stores must be in compliance with the nutrition policies established at school.

Allowed Food & Beverage

In order to respond to the current obesity epidemic and to improve in the areas of nutrition, physical fitness, and nutrition education, the Board of Regents of the prelacy Armenian school has decided the following:

  1. A) The only food, excluding beverages, authorized to serve or for sale at the Prelacy schools (including but not limited to, the student store, vending machines, a la carte sales, and fundraising) before, during, and until one half hour after the end of school day at all Prelacy schools accessible to the students shall meet the following nutrient standards:
  1. No more than 35% of total calories from fat (excluding nuts and seeds)
  2. No more than 10% of total calories from saturated fat, including trans fat
  3. No more than 35% added sugar by weight (excluding fruits, vegetables, when used as additives)
  4. No more than 600 mg of sodium per serving
  1. B) Adopts the following serving portion sizes for all foods, excluding beverages:
  1. Snacks and sweets (including, but not limited to chips, crackers, popcorn, cereal, trail mix, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, jerky): 1.5 oz
  2. Cookies/cereal bars: 2 oz
  3. Bakery Items (e.g. pastries, muffins): 3 oz
  4. Frozen desserts, ice cream: 3 oz
  5. Other entrée items and side dishes (including, but not limited to, French fries, onion rings) shall be no larger than the portions of those foods served.
  1. C) Directs the Principals and Preschool Directors to provide at least one vegetarian option that includes vegetable or fruit component;
  2. D) Directs the Principals and Preschool Directors to increase variety, visibility, and accessibility of fresh fruit and vegetables at school sites through facility design,
  3. E) Directs the Principals and Preschool Directors to improve and broaden nutrition education materials within the K-12, and parents;
  4. F) Sets as policy the concept that cafeterias should be places of learning and therefore should provide informational posters and nutrition and nutrient information about all items served in cafeterias;
  5. G) Directs the Principals and Preschool Directors to develop guidelines to eliminate fast-food products (defined as companies primarily marketing high-fat, high calorie, and high sugar foods);
  6. H) Direct the Principals and Preschool Directors to work with organizations such as American Diabetes Association on education programs to be offered at school sites teaching healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

The following List of Beverages is approved by Nutrition Services for All Schools on 05/02/2009. Only flavors and sizes specified below may be purchased and conform with the beverage policy- no other flavors may be sold or served to students in the District. Glass bottles are not allowed.



8th Continent

Soy Milk, Original, Vanilla

All Brands*

Milk, Unflavored, Nonfat, or 1%, 1% Buttermilk

Aquafina (PepsiCo)

Purified Water, Plain, 20 oz. plastic bottle Aquafina Sparkling – Water with Natural Flavors- Original, Berry and Lemon Lime Flavors, 20 oz. plastic bottle.


Sparkling Spring Mountain Waters w/Fruit Essences, Mixed Berry Essence, Sparkling Orange Essence, Sparkling Lime Essence, Sparkling Lemon Essence, 16.9 oz. bottle (1/2 liter)


Mountain Spring Water, Plain, 8 oz. bottle, 1 liter, ½ liter, 20 oz., 24 oz. Sport Pack

Berkeley Street Beverages

California Freezies Concentrate, 100% Juice, Cherry-Licious, Groovy Grape, Tropical Blast, Slamming Strawberry, Wild and Wacky Watermelon, I Like It Lemony. This product may only be used in food facilities. A food facility must have a valid health permit. Each food facility must have an employee who has successfully passed an approved and accredited food safety certification examination

Big Bear Mountain

Premium Spring Water, Plain, ½ liter.

Blue Sky True Seltzer

Sparkling Water with Natural Flavors- Lemon, Lime, Plain

Bolthouse Farms

All Natural Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie, 15.2 oz. All Natural 100% Carrot Juice, 15.2 oz. All Natural Cranberry Lemonade, 15.2 oz. All Natural Mango Lemonade, 15.2 oz. 100% Valencia Orange Juice, 15.2 fl. oz. plastic bottle Passion Fruit Apple Carrot Juice, 15.2 fl. oz. plastic bottle


Mountain Spring Water, Plain, 24 oz. bottle


Sparkling Mineral Water with Fruit Essences – Lime Essence, Mandarin Orange Essence, Lemon Essence, Plain


100% Juice, Tomato, 5.5 oz. and 12 oz. can

Capri Sun

100% Juice Fruit Waves, Fruit Dive, Berry Breeze, Apple Splash Flavors, 6.75 oz. pouch

Clearbrook Farms Dairy (Cafeterias Only)

Nonfat Milk, Buttermilk, 1% Milk, Nonfat Chocolate Milk, ½ pint carton, 1% Chocolate Milk – 16 oz. plastic bottle, 100% juice- Orange, Apple, Wild berry, Grape & Pineapple – 4 oz. & 8 oz.

Country Choice

Certified Organic Cocoa, Dry Mix, 1 oz. individual packet

Crystal Geyser

Natural Alpine Spring Water, 16.9 oz. bottle, 25.3 oz. bottle

Crystal Geyser

Sparkling Mineral Water, Plain, Alpine Spring Water, Plain, 16 oz. bottle

Crystal Splash (Gold Coast)

Purified Water, Plain, 16.9 oz. ½ Liter


Natural Spring Water, 16.9 oz.

Deja Blue

Non-Carbonated, Purified Water, 16.9 oz.

Dasani (Coca Cola)

Purified Water, Plain, 16.9 oz. (1/2 liter), 20 oz., 24 oz. Sport Top


100% Juices, 16oz. bottle or 15.2 oz. PET bottle, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Grape Juice, Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, Pineapple Peach Mango, Cranberry

Disney Juices

100% Juice, Apple White Grape, Apple Berry, Apple Juice

Driftwood Dairy (Cafeterias Only)

Nonfat Milk, Buttermilk, 1% Milk, Nonfat Chocolate Milk, ½ pint carton, 1% Chocolate Milk – 16 oz. plastic bottle, 100% juice- Orange, Apple, Wildberry, Grape, and Pineapple – 4 oz. and 8 oz.

Dr. Smoothie

100% Juice Smoothies, 12 oz. maximum., Strawberry, Four Berry, Pineapple Paradise, Peach Pear Apricot, Mango Tropics, North West Berry, Wild Cherry Cranberry, No vitamin, mineral, protein or herbal supplement additives. This product may only be used in food service locations with certified food handlers in accordance with California Retail Uniform Food Facilities Laws- Article 1, Code 113716 and Article 3, Code 133920, 113923


Soy Milk, Vanilla Extra Flavor only.


Natural Artesian Water, Plain, 16.9 oz.


Plain Natural Spring Water, 16.9 oz. (1/2 liter)


100% Juice, Purple Grape Juice, Apple Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Orange Juice, 12 oz. bottle


100% Juices – Carrot Juice, Organic V, Incredible Vegetable, Mango/Orange/Pineapple, Cold Pressed Apple, Organic Apple, Grapefruit Juice, Tangerine Juice, Apple and Berries, Watermelon Juice, Fresh Squeezed Organic Orange Juice, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Florida’s Natural

100% Juices – Orange Juice, 10 oz. & 16 oz. plastic bottle, 11.5 oz. can Apple Juice, 10 oz. & 16 oz. plastic bottle, 11.5 oz. can Fruit Medley Juice Blend, 11.5 oz. can Grapefruit Juice, 10 oz. plastic bottle Grape Juice, 10 oz. plastic bottle, 11.5 oz. can Kiwi Strawberry, 11.5 oz. can Orange Pineapple Juice, 10 oz. plastic bottle Apple Grape Juice, 11.5 oz. can

Fruit 66

All Natural Sparkling Fruit Juice 8oz can, Apple Berry, Fruit Punch, Orange Tangerine, Strawberry Kiwi

Giga Fruit (Veryfine)

100% Juice Blends, 11.5 oz. can, Stark Raving Orange, Banana Madness, Twisted Cherry and Krazy Kiwi.

Hansen’s Juice Slam

100% Fruit Juice- Wild Berry, Strawberry-Banana Twist, Paradise Punch, 8.45 oz. box

Hansen’s Natural Juice

100% Juice, Apple Blasters- 6.75 oz. box; Tropical Peach, Berry Blaze, Apple Grape, Apple Juices, 10 oz.


Chocolate Milk, Fat Free, 16 oz. plastic bottle

Hub’s Family Juice

Orange Plus, 16 fl. oz.; Mango Peach Smoothie, 16 fl. oz.; Raspberry Smoothie, 16 fl. oz.; Strawberry Smoothie, 16 fl. oz.

Izze (PepsiCo)

100% Sparkling Fruit Juices, 8.4 oz. can, Sparkling Grapefruit, Sparkling Blackberry, Sparkling Apple, Sparkling Clementine

Jamba Juice

8 oz All fruit Smoothies: Strawberry Whirl, Peach Perfection, Mega Mango and Pomegranate

Juicy Juice (Nestle)

100% Juices, Punch, Berry, Grape, Apple, Cherry, Kiwi Strawberry, Orange Tangerine Flavors, 6.75 oz. and 4.23 oz. Boxes


Signature Premium Drinking Water, ½ liter plastic bottle


100% Juice Items Only- Flavors: Purple Grape Juice, Apple Juice, Mixed Berry-7 juice Blend, White Grapefruit Juice, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry 100% Juice Blend, Tropical Punch 100% 5-Juice Blend, 10 oz. and 16 oz. plastic bottles

Langer’s H20

Purified Unflavored Water, ½ liter and 1 liter plastic

Le Nature’s

Ice Water, Non Carbonated Purified Water, Squeeze of Lemon, Peach Mango, Kiwi-Strawberry, Twist of Lime, 20 oz. bottle.

Libby’s Juicy Juice

100% Juice, Apple, Grape, Cherry & Orange-Tangerine Flavors, 6.75 oz. box

Libby’s J-Max

100% Juice, Watermelon Madness, Wild Cherry Craze, Berry Lemon Blast, Apple Frenzy Flavors, 16 oz. plastic bottle

Minute Maid*

100% Juice, Orange, Apple, and Calcium Added Orange Juice – 12 oz. can, 8 oz. plastic bottle, 15. 2, 16 oz., or 12 oz. plastic bottle 100% Juice, Grape, Mixed Berry, and Fruit Medley, 12 oz. plastic bottle

Minute Maid

100% Juices, Orange Tropical, Fruit Punch, Apple, Orange, Mixed Berry – 6.75 oz. box

Monterey Bay Beverage Co.

100% Juice Blends, Lemonade, Raspberry Guava, Strawberry-Papaya-Kiwi, Kiwi-Lime, Aruba Orange, Pina Colada flavors, 10 oz. plastic bottle


100% Juice, Grape, 6.75 oz. box

Mr. J’S

Klear Splash Premium Water, 8 oz. pouch

Naked Juice*

Carrot-O-Copia, Just Fresh-OJ, Strawberry Banana, Tangerine Scream, Just Apple- 10 oz. plastic bottle

Nantucket Nectar

100% Juice, Cloudy Apple, Banana Mango Carrot, 15 oz. plastic bottle


Water, Plain, ½ liter plastic bottle

Nestle Nesquick

White Milk, 1% Low fat, Chocolate Fat-Free Milk-Nonfat, Chocolate Low fat Milk-1%, Double Chocolate Low fat Milk-1%, Very Vanilla Low fat Milk-1%, 14 oz. plastic bottles Chocolate Milk, 1% Low fat, 8 oz., Product Code 61650


100% Juices (no added sugar), Cranberry, Cranberry-Grape, Cranberry-Raspberry, 5.5 oz. can


100% Juices, Carrot Juice, Organic Carrot Juice, Organic Orange Juice, Blackberry Fruit Shake, Strawberry Banana, Mango Tango, Orange Juice,

Pacific Foods

Soy Milk, Vanilla

Penta H20

Ultra Purified Drinking Water, 20 oz. plastic bottle


Naturally Carbonated Mineral Water, Unflavored, ½ liter (1 pint) plastic bottle

Switch Beverage

8.3 oz Beverages: Orange Tangerine, Black Cherry, Watermelon Strawberry, Grape, Fruit Punch, Kiwi Berry


50% Juice Beverages, 8 oz. plastic bottle, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Lemon


50% Juice Beverages, 8 oz. plastic bottle, Apple, Wild Berry, White Grape


100% Juice, Apple, Grape, or Orange Juice, 12 oz. can or 16 oz. plastic bottle 100% Juice, White Grape-Berry, White Grape-Cherry, Grapefruit, Orange, Apple, Grape, White Grape-Peach flavors, 11.5 oz can or 10 oz. plastic bottle 100% Juice, Apple, Orange, Grapefruit, Grape, 5.5 oz.


Organic Soy Milk, Unflavored and Chocolate Flavors