Re-enrollment open for 2020-2021

We are pleased to inform you that we have started the re-enrollment process for the upcoming school year, 2020-21.  To make it more convenient for parents and to help streamline the process, we have an online registration process (see instructions below.) If you wish to use a hard copy for registration, please visit the school office and we will provide you with one (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) . 

The annual registration fee per student is $600.  The fee includes the Prelacy Board of Regents’ dues of $100, student accidental insurance and a digital copy of the yearbook (parents will have the option to receive a hard copy of the yearbook for an additional fee). There will be an additional $125 technology fee for all 6th-12th grade students.  Below is the schedule of the registration fees. If you are going to paying the registration in installments, please see our previous email from the school board. 

  • Registration processed between April 1 – April 30; the fee is $575 (early registration discount of $25)

  • Registration processed between May 1 - 31; the fee is $600 (regular fee)

  • Registration processed between June 1 - 30; the fee is $650 (a late fee of $50 applies)

  • Registration processed between July 1 – onward; the fee is $700 (a late fee of $100 applies)

Registration will be processed only if the student’s tuition account is up to date with a zero balance. 

With respect to tuition, there will be an increase of $200 on the tuition of $9,000.. The new tuition will be $9,200.  However, multiple sibling discounts will apply only to grades K-12. Preschool students will not qualify for multiple sibling discounts. 

To offset additional costs by the credit card companies, registration and tuition payments made with a credit/debit card will incur a 2% charge (3% after July 1) applied to each transaction. In addition, Past Due payments will continue to incur a late charge of $25.

Families who seek financial aid must obtain a Financial Aid Application from the administrative offices and submit the completed form to the office no later than June 15, 2020.  Preschool students will not qualify for financial aid.

In accordance with previously disclosed and well-established school policy, we will unfortunately NOT ACCEPT any students who have outstanding balances from the previous school year. In addition, the students will not be able to participate in any extra-curricular activities such as Armens Athletics (summer practices) or major field trips when they resume.

To register online:

  1. Log into your Vision account.  The link is available on the school website (

  2. In the top right corner click on More, and scroll to Forms.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Click Next>> to start.

  5. After each form has been completed, use the Continue button to proceed to the next form.

  6. When the last form is complete, click Submit forms to send the completed forms to the school.

Please note, your registration will not be complete until a payment is received.

We wish our students success in their endeavors and we look forward to seeing them on the first day of instruction, Monday August 17, 2020.  The school will be open starting Monday, August 10 to purchase books, uniforms, and other needs. We sincerely appreciate our parents’ continued support of our school.