Test/Quiz Policy

Students take at least TWO tests and two quizzes per class or course per semi-quarter.  Two to four quizzes may be counted as one test.  It is up to the individual teacher to adopt a policy to drop the lowest test grade of a student in calculating the quarter grade.

No more than two tests are scheduled on the same day.  The test scheduled last will be automatically dropped. Students, grades 6-8, must take home all administered and graded tests for parent/guardian signature and returned to the teacher the next school day.


Test/Quiz Make-Up

Students with excused absences shall have the opportunity to complete missed class work and make up all tests receiving full credit.  The student is responsible to arrange for the make-up.

Students who miss a test/quiz because of an  unexcused absence will receive a failing grade on that test/quiz, except when the teacher decides to offer the chance for make-up.

If a student misses a test/quiz while on suspension, he/she will not have the opportunity to make up the test/quiz and will receive an “F”.



Acts of cheating or plagiarism will result in suspension and the student will receive an “F” (20/100) on the test or the assigned work.


Grade Adjustment

The report card grades assigned to students are final.  In the event a grade is in dispute, a student must petition the teacher and upon the approval and consent of the Principal, the grade may be adjusted.