11th grade students’ lab activities

11th-grade students prepared a buffer solution to determine the capacity of the solution and to predict the pH of an aqueous salt solution during hydrolysis. Also, they have had the chance to make the Galvanic cell and explore the fundamental role of electron transfer in oxidation and reduction reactions. To learn about basic features of an electrochemical cell and importance of the salt bridge.

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10th grade students’ lab activities

10th-grade students used double displacement reaction between acetic acid and sodium hydrogen carbonate and the subsequent decomposition of carbonic acid to determine the mole ratio of the reactants and the products to calculate the number of the moles of the reactants and the products.

Also, they worked on the determination of Boyle’s law, Charles’s law and ideal gas law to recognize the relationship between the pressure, volume, and temperature of a gas sample.

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8th grade students’ lab activities

Grow copper sulfate crystals, and used the flame test to distinguish the colored light by heating the elements.  They have also had the chance to use different methods to separate solid-solid, solid-liquid and liquid – liquid mixtures.

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