May 2015

Students from the local COAF-supported school in the village of Arteni hosted their new pen pal friends from Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School in Los Angeles. The Ferrahian students who were on an annual class trip to their homeland, were greeted by the Arteni students who sang the traditional song “Kavakig” by Komitas. Students discussed their Armenian roots and shared identity, which unite them all on their native soil. Ferrahian students eagerly participated in group activities and shared with their Arteni counterparts their interests, school subjects, extracurricular clubs and plans for their future.

They brainstormed ways in which they can launch a pen pal program between the two schools, along with other ways in which they can cooperate. The gathering concluded with students dancing, exchanging contact information, taking selfies and warm farewells. Arteni students look forward to getting to know their new Disaporan friends and launching a new exciting pen program!

























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