Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School Students Won AESA “School of the Year” Award for Their Excellence in Science.
The 13th annual Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) Science Olympiad allowed several students from Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School to shine.
In the junior life science category Sevoulig Bastillian and Hrag Ganoumian placed third with their project “Germ-Mania”, which investigated the rate of bacterial growth on nutrient agar when placed in different settings.
In the senior physical science category, though there was no first place medal awarded, the students from Ferrahian did it again with Vagarshak Avetisyan and Shant Reganyan placing third with their project examining the cycle of the influenza virus, specifically H1N1, using a bioinformatics tool.
Additionally, Arteen Galstyan placed second in the senior division physical science category with his project “Resistance and 3D Tracking”.
Students Adam Smith and Khachik Avagyan placed third in the senior physical science category with their project “Wi-Fi Wizardry!”, which tested various methods used to improve wireless network signals for multiple home computers.
This means that Ferrahian took home all the awards in the senior physics division since no first place title was awarded to a project.
Finally, it wasn’t only the Ferrahian students that had their time to shine—Holy Martyrs Ferrahian School won School of the Year award for their excellence in science. One thing is for sure, the students at Ferrahian set their goals high and aim to improve every year!
The Ferrahian Administration expresses special thanks to its Science Department teachers and the Science Department coordinator Mrs. Pauline Pantazis.

March 30, 2014