On October 23, 2014 Ferrahian welcomed back its alumni as the eleventh and twelfth grade students participated in Career Day, where they were learned valuable information about a variety of careers. Students were treated to bagels and juice, listened to a panel of alumni share their expertise on their chosen professions, and then had the opportunity to talk with the professionals one-on-one. The event was a great success and the students were very motivated by the professionals.









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Armen Rostamian Arthur Kiureghian Hrag Kopooshian Jaco Festekjian Karnig Dukmajian Lara Kazandjian Leo Kassabian Linda Dukmajian Paola Kassabian Raffi Chahinian Ruben Baghdasarian Sareen Ghazarian Shant Chahinian Angela Dukmajian Terenig Topjian





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