All high school students are required to do volunteer work through the school Service Learning Program. The program has been put in place to provide the students the tools to enrich their personal experience in dealing with the overall society in which they live in.  Therefore, students are required to serve the community by either volunteering in social service organizations, or by participating in and reporting on activities that promote community awareness, such as seminars, lectures and cultural events.


Students are required to devote a minimum of 25 hours of service per high school year and accordingly a minimum of 100 hours of service is required to meet graduation requirements.


The school Service Learning Program may be implemented in the following three major areas:


School Work:

  • Tutor elementary and middle school students during junior and senior years.
  • Volunteer to perform on-campus clerical duties in the administrative offices, the library, the bookstore, the accounting office, the guidance office, etc.
  • Volunteer –to assist the administration in the elementary school summer program


Community Service: Involves students in actual real life situations where they acquire firsthand knowledge and experience about social and political issues facing society.

  • Volunteer to help in political campaigns, social action groups, etc.
  • Volunteer to help in charitable organizations such as hospitals, daycare centers, social service offices, etc.
  • Join youth organizations, attend camp activities, etc.


Cultural Awareness: Provides students the opportunity to be involved in cultural processes within the community.

  • Attend and participate in seminars
  • Attend and participate in cultural events
  • Make contribution either in person or through correspondence to media outlets

All community service proposals must be presented to the Service Learning Coordinator for approval, prior to the activity or event.