Students are enrolled on full time, ten-month-basis and the entire tuition is payable in ten equal installments, covering the period August 16 through June 15. Parents are not exempt from their tuition obligations due to absenteeism of a student from school as a result of sickness, truancy, suspension, extended class trips, travel, and school closure for Christmas and Easter vacations, or for any other reason.

Tuition can be paid in cash, check, or credit card. For credit card payments, information must be provided to the treasurer’s office. A service charge of $25 will be assessed for checks returned for insufficient funds or for credit card charges declined.


Tuition Payment: Tuition installments are due on the 16th of every month beginning the month of August.


Past Due: The student’s account is past due if the monthly tuition is not paid five days after the due date. As a result, the monthly statement stamped “Past Due” is issued.


Overdue: The student’s account is overdue if the monthly tuition is late 15days and as a result a statement with “Overdue” notice is issued and the account is charged $25 late fee.


Delinquent: The student’s account is delinquent if the monthly tuition is late over 30 days and as a result the student is placed on financial probation until the balance is paid in full. During the financial probation, the school reserves the right to take any and all measures to secure the unpaid tuition as follows:

  1. Require the parents to charge the balance on a credit card
  2. Stop allowing the student financial privileges such as discounts and awards
  3. Stop allowing the student from participating in the school’s extracurricular activities
  4. Stop allowing the student from participating in the school’s sports activities
  5. In the absence of a satisfactory resolution, terminate the student’s enrollment

The following processes apply:

  • A student with outstanding balance at the end of the 1st semester will not be accepted to class the next semester and his/her name will be removed from the class roster
  • A student with outstanding balances at the end of a school year will not be allowed to register for the next academic year.
  1. Refer the account to collection


OTHER EXPENSES: Textbooks, standardized test fees, uniforms, picture and photograph costs, locker fees, field trip and sports related expenses, are the financial responsibilities of the parents.


We, the undersigned, have read the Financial Responsibility Agreement and we state that we will assume our financial responsibilities toward the school.