The school maintains high standards of admission. The school administration evaluates an applicant based on the student’s academic and behavioral performance. New applications are processed starting mid-March of each year.


Parents of all applicants must complete and sign the following applications and promptly submit them, along with the registration fee, to the school Administrative Office:

  • the Registration Application,
  • the Financial Responsibility Agreement and
  • the Emergency/Medical Data Sheet


Students are admitted to Ferrahian School upon meeting the following criteria:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) – 2.0 and better
  • Citizenship Grade – B and better
  • Satisfactory scores in a standardized test
  • Satisfactory scores in school placement tests
  • Receipt of all requested forms
  • Classroom space availability

After submission of the completed application packet with the registration fee to the Treasurer’s Office, the applicant

  • will be scheduled for an interview with the Principal, and
  • will be evaluated by the Guidance Office and if need be will take a placement test.


All new applicants must forward the following two forms to the school they are currently attending and request that they forward student’s personal records to the Administrative Office:

    • Recommendation Form – to be completed by an administrator
    • Authorization to Obtain Student Records
  • Transcripts of records of last two years
  • Attendance records (if not on transcript)
  • Results of two most recent standardized test scores
  • California School Immunization Record. According to California State Law, Section 49086 of the Education Code, the original (blue card) must be submitted
  • Other pertinent developmental information regarding the student