New Student Admission

The school maintains high standards of admission. The school administration evaluates an applicant based on the student’s academic and behavioral performance. New applications are processed starting mid-March of each year.

All applicants must complete and/or sign the Registration Application, the Financial Responsibility Agreement and the Emergency/Medical Data forms and promptly submit the packet along with the registration fee to the Administrative Office.

The registration fee is $525 and includes the Prelacy Board of Regents’ $25 fee. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Students are admitted to Ferrahian School upon meeting the following criteria:
* Grade Point Average (GPA) – 2.0 and better
* Citizenship Grade – B and better
* Satisfactory scores in a standardized test
* Satisfactory scores in placement tests
* Receipt of completed requested forms
* Classroom space availability

After submission of the completed application packet with the registration fee to the Treasurer’s Office, the applicant
a. will be scheduled for an interview with the Principal
b. will be evaluated by the Guidance Office and if need be will take a placement test.

All new applicants must forward the following two forms to the school they are currently attending and request that they forward student’s personal records to the Administrative Office:
* Recommendation Form – Completed by an administrator
* Authorization to Obtain Student Records
* Transcripts of records of last two years
* Attendance records (if not on transcript)
* Results of two most recent standardized test scores
* California School Immunization Record. According to California State Law, Section 49086 of the Education Code, the original (blue card) must be submitted
* Other pertinent developmental information regarding the student

Returning Student Enrollment

Enrollment of the returning students begins in April of every year. Parents receive an application packet preprinted with biographical data. Parents are asked to update and complete the information provided and return the application to the Administrative Offices together with the applicable registration fee.

The basic registration fee is $525, which includes the Prelacy Board of Regents’ $25 annual dues. The registration fee is non-refundable. The following fee schedule applies:
• Early registration – April – $500
• Basic registration – May – $525
• Late registration with penalty – June – $550
• Late registration with additional penalty – $575

Enrollment priority is given to returning students provided:
• The student’s records do not reflect serious behavioral problems.
• The student does not have overdue tuition or other delinquent accounts.
• Balance owing from previous year is paid in full before the registration process.
The registration fee includes expenses for the following:
• Student accident insurance
• Yearbook
• General Handbook (if requested)
• Earthquake supplies
• Copying charges

Tuition Discounts

Tuition discount is provided to school/church employees and to families with two and more children. Families undergoing financial hardship may file for financial aid (please see Financial Aid section).

School/Church Employees: Employees of the school or the church are entitled to 50% tuition discount as part of their employee benefit package.

Families with Two Children: Families with two children enrolled in the same academic year are entitled to $35/month discount for each student.

Families with Three Children: Families with three children enrolled in the same academic year are entitled to $90/month discount for each student.

Families with Four Children: Families with four and more children enrolled in the same academic year are entitled to $140/month discount for each student.