February 7, 2014

On   February 7th, our Middle School students had their annular Armenian Spelling Bee- extra curriculum activity. This year the students studied the spelling of the words, as well as the vocabulary meanings. Therefore, the Armenian Spelling Bee was more challenging this time around.

First,  6- 7 students from each grade competed among  themselves. Then two students from each grade (6-8th)   competed among each other for the finals.

The competition was both educational, exciting, and enjoyable. All the students from Middle School sat in the audience, encouraged their classmates, and followed along by observing the words on the projector.

Finally the first place winner was Sevoulig Bastilian ( 7th Grade ), Second place winners were Rita Kokonian ( 7th grade) and Nanor Seraydarian( 6th grade ) and the third place winner was Alexia Gevorkyan ( 8th grade).

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