Cabayan/Ferrahian Students in Purple T-shirts

On Wednesday March 18th, students representing several Armenian schools across southern California gathered at the Montebello Memorial Monument in remembrance of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Armenian Mesrobian School’s Principal David Ghoogasian welcomed the hundreds of students present with opening remarks. The Schools present at the gathering were, AGBU Manoogian – Demirdjian School, Ari Guiragos Minassian Armenian School, Armenian Sisters Academy, C & E Merdinian School, Armenian Mesrobian School and Holy Martyrs Ferrahian – Cabayan School).

A special keynote speaker, the first Armenian Mayor of Montebello Jack Hadjinian, spoke of the importance of remembering our fallen ancestors. Gevork Iskedjian of the AYF Central Executive, representing the Armenian Genocide Centennial Committee, invigorated the students with chants remembering the genocide and demanding justice. All students proceeded to sing in unison “Sourp Achker (Holy Eyes – Սուրբերու Աչքեր), after which there was a special performance by Paola Kassabian accompanied by students Sose Hovannisian and Shaunt Ghazourian. Armenian Sisters Academy also performed a song. The ceremony closed with a prayer led by Clergy.


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